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Developing your own home training program

I am so excited to be offering another round of this workshop! Come spend three delightful hours at Body Chemistry Studio to work on creating your own home movement program. The idea for this came when I realized I could address the near debilitating arthritic back pain I experienced every morning by simply moving for 20-40 min each day.


Because we will not be using any equipment you will be able to do this virtually any place there is space for you to lie down on the floor and move (your office, your hotel room, the beach etc.) We will be using Yoga & Pilates based methods with some functional and spontaneous dance movements interjected as needed. 

Saturday, September 16th    1:30-4:30   

3 hr/$120

Additional 30 min one on one consult for individualizing program available for $30

"Verna is an obviously very experienced instructor.  She's thoughtful in her presentation, organized, and patient.  Even though I've been doing Pilates for a number of years, and have had a lot of yoga instruction, I learned a lot from Verna's careful explanation of the basics.  She put a lot of thought into putting together a series of exercises that will work for a home or travel practice, and not only explained the exercises, but explained why she had chosen them.  The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and I would not hesitate to take another workshop or class with Verna."  M. Macklin

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