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Awareness in movement allows us to access the bodies intelligence. 

"Awareness in movement allows us to access the body's 



Vitality is not something we have to give up and it is the precious expression of our life force, but some days it's harder to get moving than others.

With a regular movement practice, physiological changes take place that are essential for life both physically and mentally. 

In fact, our entire psychological perspective can be shifted and when the two are working in tandem, this balance is the foundation for the feeling of youthfulness and well-being that we all strive to maintain.

It is an exciting time to live. We have incredible tools with which to approach healing pain and  access our most vibrant thriving life. In my work as a movement instructor it would be impossible to instruct good movement without also needing to advocate for balance in other areas of my clients life. 

My work over the last 15 years has included- 

  • Working with individual clients on attaining greater strength, flexibility, and balance, working out through pregnancy/ postpartum and working with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, fasciaitis, and low back pain.

  • Teaching Reformer & Pilates Mat classes.

  • Teaching Vinyasa flow class.

  • Intermediate/  beginning Ballet  for adults and kids. 

My Journey

Over the past 15-year journey towards healing and greater health, I discovered the powerful benefits of Pilates, Yoga and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.  With each step and exploration for answers, I came to understand that the movement system is only as good as the state of mind that wields it.  I present these three beautiful systems individually in my work with clients because I want to share their healing power and benefit.  


​My love of movement began at about age 5 in my grandmother's apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. I would dance long dramatic ballets to the strains of Beethoven's 6th Symphony in a well-loved ragged tutu. At age 6 we moved to Oregon where I was enrolled in ballet class. The structure of ballet would be my foundation for a regular movement discipline.

As was my dream, by age 17 I had moved back to New York City to begin a professional ballet career. Sixteen years later with multiple companies, tours to the fifty states, eight countries on four continents - my body, in a rather dramatic way, hit the wall.  My injuries bounced from sacral imbalances and low back pain (which frequently resulted in "going out") to a dislocated knee with tracking issues and a neuroma.  All these "itis's" stole the joy from what had once been my whole world and a professional career that I had developed a degree of mastery and street cred in. I went from living my dream to becoming very depressed. 


At that time I was strong, but my imbalances were entrenched by prime movers obliterating smaller intrinsic muscles. After a meniscus repair surgery I was introduced to Pilates and suddenly a light came. I saw a way out of the repetitive cycle I was in. But more than that I observed that anyone, at any stage of life could develop a higher degree of mastery of their body through discipline and using the incredible tool of their body’s own awareness.


  • St. Mary's College B.A. L.E.A.P. Program

  • Turning Point Studios Pilates Certification

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certification

  • 200hr. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Certification, Evolution Yoga, accredited through Yoga Alliance.

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